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About us

What an absolutely glorious time to be alive. We have witnessed during the 2016 presidential election and beyond a titanic spiritual battle for the future of America. You see it by the twists and turns of that intense presidential election and the battles after Donald Trump was inaugurated.

The forces of evil were pushing for Hillary Clinton: the globalists, the lawless, and the entrenched establishment of both political parties.

The forces of good are pushing for Donald Trump, who even before he became president was exposing and removing the corruption that is rampant throughout Washington DC politics. News2morrow was first to declare that God was going to use Donald Trump as His “bulldozer” to push out the globalist agenda and prepare the way for an American Awakening (See article: John Paul Jackson and President Donald Trump).

Many other Christian prophets have expressed that God has His hand on Donald Trump. This is why Trump has come through impossible odds to get him to where he is today — just a few short days away from a landslide victory.

Donald won the election — against impossible odds! — because he was ordained by God. If God hadn’t intervened in the election, this nation wouldn’t survive a Hillary presidency.

Donald has been anointed for this hour, for the Lord will prepare the way for a revived American economy and a renewed American spirit, where our Judeo-Christian heritage is honored and where truth and justice prevail again.

All of this is taking place because God desires to bring about the Third Great American Awakening, which will spread globally. God is preparing to harvest the world before the return of His Son, Jesus Christ.

So, take heart. You are watching God’s hand in America, through Trump, to save us from our destructive path to a more hopeful future. That’s why it’s a great time to be alive.

So this About Us page is actually turning into a reflection about conditions of the world, and all of us in particular, rather than the Editor.

I will say that my first career was in TV network news, working for all the major networks. But God kept on showing me — through the news I was watching! — how His signs that herald His return seem to be coming to pass.

So, now I’m a Broadcast Minister and the views and insights in news2morrow will give you needed understanding in the days we’re living in and the hope for a better 2morrow once Christ returns.





[Lou Comunale has been featured on a number of internet, radio and cable interview programs, and has debated Dr Michael Brown over the Christian’s defense of the Donald Trump candidacy. He is available for public speaking opportunities and interviews.] 

Lou Comunale


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