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About the author

Lou Comunale

is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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    Sweet Melisa

    Great work Lou! Keep them coming!

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    Clinton Ortiz

    I also liked your video and work, overall. However, I feel you need to understand that the Antichrist does not have to be a Jew, or Jewish, per se, but only that he is believed by Jews to have a lineage that can be traced back to King David, which is a major requirement of theirs to even be considered a candidate for the Messiah. Now, when you factor in the Scriptures telling us that an end-time is coming when “endless genealogies” and “teachings of devils and doctrines of demons” will be center place in Satan’s overall deception coming, and taught among the people, and to Jews specifically, you suddenly begin to see how one arising from the so-called European “Blood Royale,” that has for centuries traced its “endless” lineage back to King David, and other patriarchs of ancient Israel, more perfectly fits Daniel’s prophecy that is clearly referencing a European “Prince,” then “King,” as being Antichrist, as well as how Jews who “won’t give him the honor of the Kingdom,” at first, but eventually are taken in by all of his many flatteries, false miracles, false signs, and false propaganda (including that false genealogy and the coming archeology that seems to prove his false genealogy as being correct) that even now surrounds and is increasingly mounting in strong support toward Satan’s Prince. But, it doesn’t stop there, as Scripture informs us about a False Prophet whom the Jews will more readily believe (as he is from the earth, meaning Israel, while the Beast is from the Sea, meaning a foreign nation) from the moment this Prophet arrives on the scene, because the Jews have always waited for him, specifically, to show them the Messiah. Any reading of the last two verses of the Jewish Bible knows who it is that must come to show the Jews their Messiah. Since the Jews already rejected John the Baptist, who came in the “spirit of Elijah” and showed them the Christ, exactly fulfilling Malachi, the Jews are still awaiting for only Elijah to return, to show them their Messiah, even as they believe the Malachi Scripture is yet to be fulfilled. This leaves the door wide open for a demonic figure calling himself “Elijah” to be Antichrist’s False Prophet. Old Testament Jewish Scripture tells us that Elijah called down fire from Heaven in the sight of men. How is the False Prophet described in the New Testament and Revelation? The False Prophet “calls down fire from Heaven in the sight of the Beast.” Therefore, what is the main task assigned to this coming False Prophet Elijah? To push the Jews into a belief of who there Messiah is, who according to Daniel 7-8, 11 must be a European Prince, before he then becomes a King. Revelation also describes him as a King, even, as “the (eighth) King, who is of/after the seven…” and is in control over ten more kings. So, a Jew? No, but a European Royal supposedly having “Royal Israelite” blood claiming to be their Messiah, at the perfect time (after the Magog miracle) when Israel is earnestly seeking a Messiah to lead them? Yes.

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      Thank you Clint for clearing up some of the endless speculation on who and where the antichrist is coming from. We certainly are getting nearer and nearer to the time that God sets the stage for this false messiah to come.


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