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Lou Comunale

is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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    the following was posted in Aug. 27, 2015: quote is verbatim: 01:20:35 “And a massive earthquake shall hit the United States not long from now. But pay attention next month, for a riot shall arise out of Chicago, that shall spread to Indiana, and it’ll make Baltimore and Missouri riots look like nothing. And when you see this, look up, your redemption draweth nigh.”

    the riot out of Chicago spreading to Indiana did not happen in Sept. 2015. I do believe that our only refuge will be the Lord Jesus Christ as He controls our world, and that is very much nature…which man cannot ever control. and out refuge is in the Lord and to me this means CHrist as my Savior in my heart – the WOrd that I feed on to sustain me – the refuge is in knowing Him and and being with Him in spirit and truth. There may be provided physical refuge but the things we will witness, hear about, feel, taste, experience in the body will be overwhelming and the only sense we can make of such things as we have not yet seen or experienced – things which the Tsnami, the Japanese earthquake, volcanic explosions, Eucador’s and Pakistan’s earthquakes of devastating magnitude, along with diseases and plagues, – these things that already horrify and frighten us – what is coming is beyond our comprehension. Only a true and dedicated relationship to Jesus will sustain us. He is our refuge – know your Bible- memorize scripture and be in prayer without ceasing – which means in your daily living speak with the Lord, sings hymns in your mind, pray and speak with the Lord aloud and silently. I am most afraid of when the Lord will absent himself for a time and what I can draw on in my heart and mind will be all that I have and I pray in Jesus’ name that my lamp is full because fo rme the worst is separation form my Lord and Savior.


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