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Sozo Inner Healing Through Skype

News2morrow is offering an inner healing service from the comfort of your own home.

It's easy to seek God's inner healing over Skype.

It’s easy to seek God’s inner healing over Skype.

Many have been hindered in moving forward with the Lord and in fulfilling their destiny. Sometimes there are issues we’ve encountered in life that have not been dealt with at all. And until those problem areas are removed, there’s little chance in our fulfilling the potential and the calling in our lives.

Sozo is an inner healing program developed at Bethel Church, California. The program incorporates the full range of healing that is defined in the Greek word sozo: healing, deliverance, salvation.

This unique inner healing program is not counseling, nor is it prophetic ministry. But it’s a way in which we allow Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to pinpoint the areas for healing. And there is no better method for healing than when the Trinity is involved.

We’re offering SozoSkype because so many people can’t travel to qualified Sozo centers for healing.  All you need is a Skype account and a webcam so that we can communicate together.  Free Skype accounts can be created here (for those in the United States). If you live outside of the United States extra charges may apply.

TO APPLY for your SozoSkype ministry, simply email us here and provide us with your Skype name. We will be in touch with you shortly thereafter on Skype for a preliminary pre-sozo interview.  Then we’ll schedule you in for the actual SozoSkype.

Most sessions last anywhere from one to two hours. Many will experience freedom in that one session alone. We recommend that you find a quiet time away from distraction to give full attention to the Sozo session.

We’re looking forward to seeing you reach your full potential and to see yourself the way God sees you and not the way our skewed and limited vision sees us.

Suggested minimum donation $25.

Lou Comunale has been trained in the Bethel Sozo method of inner healing and has led the Sozo program at Church on the Sound, Stony Brook, Long Island, NY.

We recommend that those seeking help from multiple personality disorders seek treatment centers specializing in MPD. SozoSkype is not in any way presently connected with Bethel Sozo.


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