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    Jouko Piho

    Thanks for that wonderful and encouraging prophecy “It’s Time for Christian Europeans to Arise”! I believe it will happen.

    I am Jouko Piho, a retired school teacher from Finland. I put your message on my Facebook, on my Finnish web site ( and on my English web site ( Later on I will put it on my prophecy book in Finnish.

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      H. Dwayne Powell

      Dear Brother Jouko Piho,

      You have no idea how excited I am that the Word has encouraged you. I am also very excited that it has already reached Finland! I am amazed. What a wonderful birthday surprise for me (today is my birthday). This Word came to me sometime in 2012. I have been wondering when I would begin to see the people God had called moving and doing all that I had seen. When I received this, it was not on my mind at all and had not been in my thoughts for some time. I was actually praying because of some bad news I had received and was asking God for help. Instead, He gave me this amazing vision and Word that is the GO AHEAD for those He has prepared to do what He showed me back in 2012. God knows what He is doing and receiving this from Him was a far better response to my situation than what I was praying about. He is amazing! It is my hope to start seeing those God has called stepping out in the miraculous ministry He has called them to do. I saw this move starting with people two by two going out in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. They started walking out and ministering in their countries and then headed north down into many countries in Europe. Norway, Sweden, and Finland will be where it starts. I did not explain well in the article Lou wrote about it, but I believe and feel in my spirit that the people that came from Finland would be the ones that really start this off and ignite the flame. I just keep hearing the Spirit impress Finland on me greatly for this reason and believe this Word will be readily and greatly received there. God has special men and women who will begin going out in Finland two by two, forsaking their lives, going out like Jesus sent the 72 and doing the miraculous works He did just as He said we wold do in John 14:12. Who knows, maybe there will be 72 people from all over just like back then, but I really believe there will be more. I see young men and old men going out two by two, and even young women and older women going out two by two, even a young man with an elder, and a young woman with an elder female. This will be an amazing event that will transform Christianity in Europe and it will continue until the return of Christ. The key here is that these people will be as loving as Christ and therefore as powerful in miraculous works because of that love. They will not be shouting condemnation at the lost (Christ never did that) but will be loving them and backing up that love with great miracles. They will be sound in teaching as well and will amaze many at their understanding of scripture and also how well they explain it and defend it. They will be just like Christ as we are to be. Again, thank you so much for sharing this message. This is Kingdom work; it has to be done. It is time. God has sounded the start of it for those in Europe who are waiting to hear this. It is time now, NOW, to step out and go. Perhaps, someday, I will be able to travel to you myself and to Europe to personally deliver this message. Until then, please continue to pass this along and share it. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I also have a public Facebook page as well that is about me and my family.

      God bless you brother!

      H. Dwayne Powell


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