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About the author

Lou Comunale

is an analyst of news and biblical prophecy. He began his career working at the news archives for NBC, MSNBC, ABC, & CBS. Then the calling of God prompted him to combine news analysis with biblical prophecies, which actually helps us fully understand the prophetic times we're living in.

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    I’m amazed! Months ago I started to pray that God would transfer wealth from wicked people to people who would do good with it. After that, God has defined my dreams through prophecy to start orphanages worldwide and to wake up the church concerning taking care of the orphans and not leaving it up to the government! Can you imagine the dent in the abortion industry if a generation of unwanted children were raised in Christ honoring homes? When I saw your article I was taken aback! This is exactly what I had prayed. It was a strange prayer for me because I’ve always steered clear of the so-called prosperity movement but I know this does not have to do with selfish greed.

  2. 2

    Reeni Mederos

    Excellent article Lou! Bless you!

  3. 3


    Kat Kerr, a prophetess and revelator has been preaching that this will happen soon and Donald Trump will be the catalyst.

    1. 3.1

      Lou Comunale

      Glad she did. Can you post something she said along those lines?

  4. 4

    Cynthia Rotenberger

    This is an excellent article Lou! I agree with you … this is for such a time as this! God bless you exceedingly abundantly!

  5. 5

    Elena Bistriceanu

    Thank God for this article. I can see that the Spirit of God move many people for preying for the same Cause. The Spirit of God move me to pray for the shift of the wealth. I was thinking that the people of God will need money for the missionaries and orphan’s and widows that need help. I also pray to be able to have enough money to send missionary from my native country into the Muslim world and into countries that never heard the Word of God before. I met a young lady that is the head of a missionary school in Romania and this school needs financial help from us to prepare missionary and send them into the wolves of this world. They are poor and unprepared, but with our help God can help them and prepare them to go into the world. I can see that the shift of wealth was a great cause for prayers. Thank God for this wisdom. God Bless.


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